Wednesday, December 2, 2009

how to make money with your blog or website?

if you have a little more knowledge about how to make a website then you can easily make some good money just doing work 2-3 hours sitting at your home.
just create a blog at it is free of cost and there is no need to knowledge about any website designing language.after doing some good posts on that blog you can apply for Google adsense, it is very easy at blogs just click on the monetize tab and follow the instructions.they will take 3-4 days time for approving your adsense account after approving adsense account just put the adsense code on your blog and instantly relevant ads will show on your blog. every time when make a click on that ads your adsense account will be increase with some cents or may be a dollars.

now join this blog and make a back link for your blog or website
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  1. thanks it is great idea for beginners.

  2. i make $2.70 on my google adsense account with the help of this blog, thanks.

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  3. Danka, for this site. as a newbie this looks helpfull
    will chek back in few days. thanks